Quesh Datacron Locations

There are 3 Datacrons on Quesh. The codex says there are 5. However I have searched Quesh all over for hours and explored every area, but have only been able to find 3. I suspect that the other two are just codex entries. If anyone finds the codex entries, or 2 more Datacrons, please post the locations in the comments below.

Datacron 1 - Republic and Empire

(Strength +4)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 60: The Destruction of Ossus

Go to 463, 1787. Climb up the hill and follow the wall around the area until you get to the Datacron. Really easy to get this one.

Corrdinates: 558, 1422 

Datacron 2 - Republic and Empire

(Cunning +4)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 58: Ulic's Trials

This one is located in the Republic Mining Camp. Go to 565, -180 and jump on a pipe, the on a wall ledge, and finally onto a raised flat area beside the pipes. Run around the fenced in area until you find a break in the fence at 407, -185. Go through the break, and then go to the back of the fenced area. You will see the Datacron hidden behind some pipes.

Coordinates: 425, -132

Datacron 3 - Republic and Empire

(Endurance +4)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 59: Aleema's Fate

This Datacron is located in Yuna Crosscut. The entrance is at -9, 715. Run through the cave until you reach a door with a control panel beside it. Get inside the door, and activate the panel. A force field will appear and seal the room. The room will then begin to fill with poison gas, so be sure to have a healing companion with you. Go to the center of the room. There are two pillars each with a panel. Activate the east panel first, then the west panel quickly afterwards. This will open the force field to the south that leads to the Datacron.

Coordinates: 207, 773

Quesh Datacron Locations Video

Quesh Datacron Map

Quesh Datacron Map