Korriban Datacron Locations

There are 3 Datacrons on Korriban.

Datacron 1

(Endurance +2)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 15: Mandalore

This one is located in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Its located right beside the shuttle to depart the planet.

Coordinates: 153, 89

Korriban Datacron 1

Datacron 2

(Willpower +2)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 16: The Alsakan Conflicts

This one is located in the Lower Wilds Area. Its just around the corner from the taxi point. Just run around the hill to the opposite side to reach it.

Coordinates: 529, 68

Korriban Datacron 2

Datacron 3

(Red Matrix Shard)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 17: The Duinuogwuin Contention

This one is located inside the Tomb of Tulak Hord. After you pass through the entrance area, its in the open area before you enter the instances. 

Coordinates: -54, 379

Korriban Datacron 3

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Korriban Datacron Map

Korriban Datacron Map