Belsavis Datacron Locations

There are 5 Datacrons on Belsavis.

Datacron 1 - Republic and Empire

(Endurance +4)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 69: The Mandalorian Wars

This first Datacron is located inside a cave in the northwest corner of the High Security Section. The entrance to the cave begins at -905, -387. You’ll have to fight your way through a short cave. The Datacron is at the end, and is guarded by a Level 42 champion.

Corrdinates: -992, -449 

Datacron 2 - Republic and Empire

(Willpower +4)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 72: The Fall of the Covenant

The second Datacron is located also in the High Security Section. It’s in the center of the area on the edge of a large hill. Simply go the start of the passageway to it, and follow it. The passageway to it starts at -830, 789.

Coordinates: -501, 767

Datacron 3 - Republic and Empire

(Presence +4)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 70: The Covenant Acts

The third Datacron is located in the Maximum Security Section - Ancient Prison Approach. When you come through the gate to the Ancient Prison Approach area (-2241, -142), there will be several Esh-Kha Scouts standing to the right. Behind them are some rocks at the foot of the huge ice wall. If you are facing these rocks, there is a path up into the rocks on the left side. Go up this path, then turn to your right, and go across the top of these rocks around to the front side (street side) of the huge ice wall. At -2135, -173 you will see a cave entrance hidden behind a tall brown rock. Go through this cave. When you come out of the cave turn to your right. You will see a brown rock ledge that runs along the top of the lava canyon. Follow this rock ledge all the way to the Datacron at the end.

Coordinates: -1915, -476

Datacron 4 - Republic and Empire

(Aim +4)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 68: The Mandalorians Return

The fourth Datacron is located in The Tomb area. First of all, the laser bridge that you see at -710, -1901 is either a trick or it is bugged. Ignore it. To get to this Datacron go around the rocks on the right side of the Datacron entrance. Go to exactly -712, -1950. Now turn to face where the entrace to the laser bridge was. You will see a small rock ledge in front of you. Using your speeder, jump up onto it. You want to aim for the slope on the right side of it. It may take you a few tries, but you can do it. After you've made it on this ledge, turn to your right, and jump onto the ledge there. Now go around the rock until you are looking down onto the entrance to the laser bridge. Jump over the entrace to the laser bridge, and land on the rocks to the left of the laser bridge entrance. Once you have made this jump, go around to the left of the Datacron on top of these rocks. About half way to the Datacron, you will see a higher rock ledge that you cannot jump onto. There is a small ledge that goes around the right side of this. Follow it. Be very careful here. If you fall you will die, and have to start over. At the end of this ledge is a place where you can jump up onto the top of the higher rocks. Now go along the top of the rocks until you see a small ledge the is directly across from the Datacron. It is at exactly -801, -1912. Face that ledge while on your speeder, and make a runing jump towards the island with the Datacron. Once you land grab the Datacron, and leave using the Rakata Transporter behind the Datacron.

There is a video of this being done below titled "Datacron 4 Tutorial," if you need help.

Coordinates: -785, -1930

Datacron 5 - Republic and Empire

(Green Matrix Shard)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 71: The Muur Talisman

The fifth Datacron is located in The Tomb area, in the Cave-Under-Tree area. To get access to the Cave-Under-Tree, go to the center of The Tomb area. You will find a large tree with a passageway underneath it. Go inside, and take the elevator down. This Datacron requires you to have four Rakata Energy Cube. The Rakata Energy Cubes spawn at a series of points at random around Belsavis. Some reported spawn locations are (-2711, 888), (-2789, 956), and (-606, 746), but I have not confirmed these. The cubes are inserted into the machinery and then the console is activated that releases the Datacron stored in front of it. It appears you can do this alone so long as you have four cubes. If other people are there with you, they can also get the Datacron when you unlock it.

Note: I have confirmed one spawn location in the High Security Section at -763, 882 along the path to Datacron 2 listed above. Below is a screenshot of what a Rakata Energy Cube looks like. You can almost mistake it for a Slicing node if you are not careful.

Rakata Energy Cube

Coordinates: -315, -2173

Belsavis Datacron Locations Video

Belsavis Datacron 4 Tutorial Video

Belsavis Datacron 5 Tutorial Video

Belsavis Datacron Map

Belsavis Datacron Map