Balmorra Datacron Locations

There are 5 Datacrons on Balmorra for each faction. One faction cannot get the other's Datacrons. The world is phased, and is very different for each side.

Datacron 1 - Republic and Empire

(Republic: Aim +2) (Empire: Willpower +2)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 53: The Conclave at Deneba

This Datacron is located in Bugtown. First go to 672, 38 and buy a Lost Code Cylinder from the Junk Dealer. After that, go to the Datacron and use the Lost Code Cylinder on the box.

Note to Empire players: In order to get the Bugtown, you have to take the taxi from Vanguard Outpost located in the southwest corner of the map at -1550, 1287.

Corrdinates: 191, -342 

Datacron 2 - Republic and Empire

(Republic: Cunning +4) (Empire: Aim +2)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 56: The Botherhood of the Sith

This Datacron is located in the Okara Droid Factory. The entrance is at -1023, 1485. Go to the second floor. In the assembly line room, drop down below the droid assembly line. Then go to -1020, 1515 and drop down a shaft. Be careful if you fall all the way down, you will die. You have to drop from one pipe to the next and land on top of the Datacron. If you fall, you will have to make your way back to the second floor and try again.

Coordinates: -1018, 1516

Datacron 3 - Republic and Empire

(Republic: Presence +2) (Empire: Strenght +2)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 57: The Brotherhood's Power Grows

From (Republic: Lower Sundari Outpost) or (Empire: Sundari Imperial Outpost) go south across the bridge. Once you cross the bridge head south. At (Republic: 716, 1856) (Empire: 689, 1866) you will find a path through some rocks. Follow it until it opens into a small area that curves around. You will pass a white turret. Follow the area to the end and you will see the Datacron.

Coordinates: (Republic: 730, 2028) (Empire: 726, 2033)  

Datacron 4 - Republic Only

(Endurance +3)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 54: Ulic's Fall

This Datacron is located in the Colicoid Queen's Nest. The entrance is at -190, -291. Once you enter the factor there is a hidden passage to your left at -358, -230. Enter there and follow the passage around to the Datacron.

Coordinates: -485, -233 

Datacron 5 - Republic Only

(Willpower +4)

Codex Entry - Galactic History 55: The Ascension of Exar

This Datacron is located in the southwest section of Gorinth Canyon. From Gorinth Outpost follow the road south. Cross three bridges. After you cross the third bridge go to your left to -655, 1830. Off the edge of the cliff you will see a pipe that runs across to another hill. Run along this pipe to the other sie. When you reach the other side, follow the path around the hill to the south side at -790, 2053. Look down and you will see the Datacron. You can jump down to it.

Coordinates: -779, 2069 

Datacron 6 - Empire Only

(Green Matrix Shard)

This Datacron is located in the Neebray Warehouse. The entrance to Neebray Warehouse is at -472, 1918. This Datacron takes two people to get. Take the elevator down to the second floor. There are two terminals on each side of the room. Two people must activate the force field controls at the same time to drop the force field. When the force field is down, just walk inside the room and get the Datacron.

Coordinates: -504, 1988 

Datacron 7 - Empire Only

(Cunning +2)

This Datacron is located in the Balmorran Arms Factory in the Power Center area. To get to it, enter the Balmorran Arms Factory. Go to the elevator, and go to level two. Then go outside into the Power Center area, and go to your right. The Datacron is under a pier, so it is not visible until you drop down into the water.

Coordinates: 1851, 110 

Republic Datacron Map

Empire Datacron Map

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